Relax Kids


  • Movement and dance, which allow children to express themselves freely

  • Fun games which allow them to interact, share and communicate

  • Stretching and breathing exercises, to build self-awareness and restore calm to the nervous system

  • Peer massage, encouraging children to interact in a kind way to each other

  • Positive affirmations to develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence

  • Relaxations/visualisations, allowing the children to explore their imagination



Relax Kids have a range of high quality relaxation and mindfulness products including books, CDs and positive affirmation cards. These are used to support the classes and can be used at home and within school.

You can find details of products here or request a brochure via the contact page.



  • Just Relax For Mums to Be (it's never too early to start thinking about emotional wellbeing!)

  • Baby Mindful classes for babies aged 0-6 months

  • Little Stars classes for pre-schoolers (currently running in nurseries and bespoke classes only)

  • Magical Adventures for primary school age children (in schools)

  • Chill Skills for teens (not currently running in Bury - please contact for further info)

  • Just Relax for adults

  • Chill & Chat parties online or in your home, to learn more about Relax Kids, sample some of the techniques and products and have a laugh with your friends!

  • CalmaClass training for teaching staff (please message for information)

If you would like an individual session for your child, or a family session, I would be happy to discuss your needs and create a bespoke package to suit you and your child.

To make a booking, or to find out more please send me a message via the contact page


Find out what people are saying about my Relax Kids classes...



The lovely Marneta takes you through what happens in a Relax Kids class


Have a listen to one of the beautiful visualisations we listen to in our classes.



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To find out more about Relax Kids, you can visit or have a look at my Facebook page, where you will find regular posts with affirmations, free downloads, class information and so much more!