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Hi, my name is Aislinn, and I'm guessing you’re reading this because you, or someone you know, is finding life a bit tricky right now, and you’d like some support in making things a bit calmer or clearer, but you want to know more about me before you decide whether my services are right for you. And that’s important; it’s important to feel comfortable with someone before you decide to work with them. So, I’m a mum of two young children, am married, and am in the fortunate position of having a job that I love, that fills me with passion and inspires me every day, but which also fits around my family. I’m a registered counsellor, a Relax Kids and Baby Mindful coach, and have over 15 years’ experience of working with people of all ages in emotional well-being, mental health, parenting and education. The Calm Within was created to bring all the aspects of my work together.

Because I'm human, and life likes to spice up our journey with twists and turns, I've experienced sadness and joy in my life. I've had moments of uncertainty and doubt, but also moments of clarity and confidence. I attach great importance to relationships; to family and friends and the mutual support to be found therein. I also strongly believe that we need to feel comfortable in our own skin in order to grow and reach our potential. But sometimes we need help to do that, and sometimes that help needs to come from outside our inner circle.

My counselling practice is something I highly value and I believe that counselling can help us all to lead richer lives by understanding our emotions better, working through issues and difficult times, and giving ourselves the space we sometimes need. Ultimately, it’s about caring for our emotional wellbeing as we might for our body.

I also offer relaxation classes for all ages, following the Relax Kids' programme. Having worked in a variety of settings (an adolescent psychiatric unit, counselling agencies, NHS services and schools), I am passionate about early intervention and prevention, in terms of our mental health. I believe it is never too early to teach our children how to nurture themselves, to believe in themselves and to respect and support others. And, because I also believe that parents need to look after their own emotional wellbeing, I also offer "Just Relax" classes for adults. So there really is something for everyone, no matter what stage of life you are at.

As a mother, I know how hard it can be, to provide a nurturing, safe and supportive home, in which children can thrive. It is a challenge at times. After all, children don't come with a "how to" guide; each child is an individual, with their own unique quirks and delights. But I do believe that, by supporting each other and opening up communication, we can help them to grow and reach their true potential. I hope this helps you to know me a little better, and I look forward to talking with you, to help you to create your own Calm Within.






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