Wherever you are on your journey, I hope to be able to walk alongside you, helping you to discover your own calm within.
— Aislinn Marek, The Calm Within

What I offer

A variety of training, classes and individual sessions, designed specifically to help you feel relaxed and content; to explore your true self and feel in control of who you are. Offered in a non-judgemental, safe, nurturing environment, each service can be tailored to individual needs.



Baby Mindful is a new approach to working with parents of young babies, and has been created to offer a range of activities which will stimulate and calm whilst supporting baby's natural development.



Unique classes that take children on fantastic magical adventures while teaching them to feel great, feel confident and relax.



Making time for you in a busy world, helping you feel calm and confident.


“Aislinn was a fantastic trainer. Very knowledgeable, concise and thorough, taking the time to answer any questions..”
“So much hard work goes into every class. A great way to bring relaxation to your children.”

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