I am honoured to have walked beside so many people on their journey, helping them along the way. Here's what a few of them have had to say:



I want to book on right away. I think stuff like this should be on the NHS. It would prevent a lot of post-natal depression
An interactive class with lots of activities and plenty of time for calmness.
I enjoyed the class with Aislinn. The venue was nice and it was a good group size. Aislinn had a nice tone and was very accommodating and sensitive to each parent’s needs.
The baby mindfulness classes have been so helpful in my first couple of months as a new parent. Taking that hour to truly be with your baby and enjoy each other in a relaxed and calm environment was one of the highlights of my week. Having done a hypnobirthing class during pregnancy, I found a lot of similarities which I really liked.

Recently, when I took my daughter for her first vaccinations, I found myself using the breathing techniques to help to calm her and felt that it really helped to settle her (and me!!) both immediately after the jab and later that night when she was (very!) unsettled and struggling with a temperature.

Thanks so much Ais for such a lovely experience. I’d recommend this class to any parents, however chilled or anxious you are
I’m very sad to say that this is my last term with Ais, I will
miss Baby Mindful enormously as I truly believe I enjoy the class as much as my daughter! I leave feeling so relaxed having spent quality time watching my baby laugh and learn, forgetting everything else for that wonderful hour. Baby mindful is the only class that I can truly say has benefits for both mum and baby. I will be ordering my CD’s to ensure that I always have my piece of peace!! Thanks Ais for ensuring mums and babies spend quality, relaxed time together xx


Best thing in the world for my kids. Ais is wonderful. X
Both my son and I love Relax Kids with Aislinn. It is a lovely, calm time in what is normally a fairly hectic week. My son has learning difficulties but the routine and structure of the class plus Aislinn’s calm, patient delivery means it works for him. Would highly recommend!
My son has really enjoyed Relax Kids, especially making new friends, I’ve watched his confidence grow after each session - it’s been a great self-esteem builder but in a really fun way.
I love Relax Kids because it’s fun and I play lots of new games with my friends!
So much hard work goes into every class. A great way to bring relaxation to your children.
My son started relax kids as a outlet for his possible low level anxiety and he LOVES it! He waits for Tuesdays on a count down now... Aislinn is wonderful with the children (and helps the parents feel calm too!) Would recommend to anyone.
Having recently completed our first term with Aislinn at Relax Kids Bury I couldn’t be more thrilled with the dramatic changes that I have observed in my 5 year old little boy...I can’t thank Aislinn enough for the thought, time and commitment that she puts in to each and every one of the children that come to her classes. We’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the future! Thank you xxx


Just finished a 4 week relaxation course with Aislinn. Very helpful picked up some wonderful techniques to help me “just relax” highly recommended x
I can highly recommend the Relax Adult classes! Believe me I really didn’t think I had time to fit in relaxing until I had been... then I realised I needed it. Time just for me, time to forget all the stresses of the day, time to focus. It was a very friendly environment where I felt at ease immediately. The content of the course was brilliant .... expertly broken down into several portions.
I have to say that Aislinn has such a calming and relaxing voice.... much better than any manufactured DVD.
If you’re thinking you need this course... I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
Ran by a lovely lady who straight away puts you at ease. Learnt some very useful tips and has a great time at the sessions.
I’ve just completed a Relax Adults course - It was just what I needed - I have no trouble sleeping, however what I gained from this is that there are many ways of relaxing, and in fact crashing early into bed isn’t the best for me. By attending the course, and undertaking several different but interesting activities, and then undertaking some deep relaxation, I found myself refreshed and invigorated when leaving the class. I am now ensuring that I do more - way more than work, emails, home stuff, and then sleep - I now build in time for me to relax, and my family are benefitting from this - THANK YOU - PS You have the most relaxing calm voice....


Aislinn was a fantastic trainer. Very knowledgeable, concise and thorough, taking the time to answer any questions.
Thank you, Aislinn, for this opportunity to train with you. It was fab!
The trainer was super. She is an amazing person, very thoughtful and understanding.
Aislinn is a very inspiring and knowledgeable trainer. A happy and confident person.


Ais arrived at the school a couple of months ago for a staff workshop session. Several staff were slightly reluctant and optimistic at first but after an hour of learning breathing and mindfulness techniques; they could see first-hand the benefits for themselves and more importantly they realised what impact this could have on their pupils.
Ais work with year six pupils first straight after the Easter Holidays. This was ideal timing because the children were becoming anxious about the upcoming SATs, despite the reassurance from their parents and teachers. Ais worked with the class in two separate groups providing 2 one hour sessions each week for 6 weeks. Ais planned the sessions meticulously to ensure they matched the topic that the class teacher was teaching and also followed on smoothly from the week before. She also purchased keepsakes for the pupils and always left them feeling far more relaxed at the end of the session than they were at the start.
Ais is always very accommodating and works well with the rest of the school team. The staff have enjoyed observing the sessions and she is now working with two full classes: a key stage one class and a lower key stage two class; proving that she is more than capable of working with children from 4 through to 11 years old.
— Deputy Head of a primary school