Feelings First Aid Kit


One of the activities I often use with clients is the Feelings First Aid Kit.  Much like a physical first aid kit, it is a useful toolbox of things to help us when we are emotionally hurting.

If we graze our knee, putting a plaster on it won't make the graze disappear, but it may help prevent it from becoming infected.  Taking a paracetamol for a sprain won't instantly heal it, but may help ease the pain for a while.

So your Feelings First Aid Kit does a similar job: it might not make the problem or issue go away but it may help you feel a little better temporarily, or may offer you space to gain some clarity or perspective.

Some ideas children suggest are: listening to music; talking with a parent or a friend; cuddling a favourite teddy or stroking a pet.  Perhaps having a bath or watching a funny TV programme.  Practising breathing exercises can help, too, if the feelings are becoming overwhelming.

For adults, it may be that you need to take some time out for you.  Perhaps have a bath or paint your nails.  Maybe go for a long walk or a swim; watch a film or play a video game.  Read something inspirational or message a friend.

It's not about trying to solve the issue, make big changes or decisions, it's about taking a moment to be kind to yourself.

Check your virtual Feelings First Aid Kit: are there ideas in there for when you need them?

You can download a free PDF to help you make a list of things that help you feel better.

If you are experiencing significant emotional distress, please do seek support.  You could talk to a friend or family member, speak to your GP or a counsellor, or call the Samaritans.