Ticket for one.


Date night.  A concept intended to help couples focus on their relationship, making time for themselves, amongst the busy nature of modern life.  Whether it be parenting, work or other commitments taking over, it’s important to make time to spend with each other, checking in on how you are both doing.  It can help your relationship become healthier, help you both to air your feelings and thoughts, and just be at peace with each other.

But what about your relationship with yourself?  When was the last time you spent quality time with YOU?  Practising self-care, taking time to look after your mind and body and spirit, isn’t a selfish act, but a necessary one.  When we are tired, overwhelmed, living in a perpetual state of busy-ness, we are much less able to regulate our emotions and it’s hard to keep track of our goals and dreams.  It’s important to take a moment to spend time with you; perhaps doing something you enjoy, or doing something to recharge your batteries, or to just be.    

Here are a few ideas for “self-dates”, but please do share what you do to build your relationship with yourself.      

  1. Watch a film.  One that YOU love.  Not one the kids love, or your partner thinks you will love, but one that speaks to you.
  2. Take a bath.  A bubbles, candles, book-in-hand, door-locked kind of soak.
  3. Get creative.  Indulge in some mindful colouring or visit a pottery painting place (something I have been meaning to do for a while!  I love taking the children, but itch to spend time on my own really taking my time!)
  4. Wake up early and watch the sunrise or take time in the evening to watch the sunset.
  5. Go for a walk by yourself. One mile or ten, it doesn’t matter.
  6. Choose your favourite book and find somewhere comfortable to read it.
  7. Spend some time looking through old photo albums or diaries.    
  8. Take yourself for a coffee.  Sit and people watch or just watch the world go by.
  9. Visit a museum or art gallery.  Take time to look at the things you want to, without feeling rushed. 
  10. Take some blankets and cushions into the back garden and watch the stars.