Sitting more comfortably with the SATs


It’s approaching that time of year again when parents and teachers alike are trying to manage the feelings that surround the SATs.  We want our children to do well, but don’t want them to be anxious or feel pressured.  The SATs don’t look to be going away anytime soon, so what can we do?

Well, think about how we speak about the SATs.  Lots of schools are really embracing the idea of making sure that their pupils know the SATs only assess certain aspects; they don’t assess their creativity, their kindness, musical ability, sporting talent.  They are a mere snapshot, taken under pressure.  

To help parents support children at home, Relax Kids have a great, free, “Exam Survival Guide”.  It helps think about nutrition and hydration, how to get in the right state of mind for learning, as well as lots of ideas for supporting your child emotionally through each day. 

Kids: Believe in yourself and tell yourself you CAN do this! Repeat to yourself, whilst looking in the mirror: "I am ok. I can do this."  “I am calm, I am in control”.  The more we say affirmations, the more we come to believe them, and so act in a more confident, calm way.

Try sitting up a little straighter, lift your head and drop your shoulders down. This power pose will help you feel more open, straighter and stronger.

Remember to breathe! Take in a deep breathe through your nose and breathe out slowly and steadily through your mouth.  Put your hands on your tummy and feel yourself grow as you breathe in.  Breathe in confidence.

And a final word from Winnie the Pooh:

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.