Aromatherapy for ‘September Self-Care’ month

Our latest guest blog comes from Emma at Empathy Holistics

As the nights are drawing in and we have all been basking in the heat of the summer sun, September is the month to take stock and to start looking after ourselves boosting our immune systems and strengthening our coping strategies for stress. So we can fight those wintry bugs and colds!!

  • Chamomile: Has calmative properties; it can help those people who are always on the go, to be able to stop and rest their busy bodies and minds! Chamomile can be used as massage oil directly onto the skin or can be breathed in through the nose. Chamomile tea bags are available to ingest the herb in the form of a drink therefore calming your body from inside!

  • Cinnamon: This spice is great for warming up during wintry months, aids your circulation especially in the colder months. A great antibacterial oil it can reduce your risks of catching sickness bugs. You can boost your cinnamon intake through drinking chai tea, through cooking! Cinnamon can be blended with other oils such as clove and frankincense to experience a heavenly massage session!

  • Ginger: A great way to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and can be blended with other oils to reduc e pain in muscles for example with petitgrain and ylang ylang. A lovely way to warm your body and soul up during the cold nights. A lovely way to experience ginger is through a foot massage. You can add dry ginger to stir fries and baking for example ginger biscuits!

  • Lavender: Herb with calming and relaxing properties. Lavender can aid a restful sleep and can aid in reducing the pain from wounds. It can be used directly onto the skin in the form of a massage or can be breathed in through the nose.

  • Peppermint: This oil enables are system to focus better on the task in hand. I use it a lot with pregnant ladies and those who have very busy and stressful jobs! You can take it in the form of tea, peppermint leaves in cooking etc. Peppermint is often massaged onto the feet or head as it can reduce headaches and tension. (Make sure if you are adding into a bath that you only use a couple of drops as it reduces blood pressure and only use in a base oil or cream)


For more information, you can contact Emma King (BSc(hons) IFA, PGDE) at or on 07913 708 419