A cup of calm

A cup of calm

I don't know about you, but I'm not feeling quite feeling the summer-vibe this year.  Maybe it has something to do with the lack of sunshine (well, here in Bury, anyway!).  Maybe it's being self-employed with two children off school for 6 weeks?!  Maybe (and this is probably the most likely!) I've just not been practising as much self-care as I should.

It's hard, in the chaos of summer holidays, to find that little moment of peace and calm, but it's absolutely something worth doing.

I've had a kind talk with myself this weekend, and decided to consciously make that time for myself.  I have started to use my Headspace app again (it got deleted when my phone threw a wobbly over storage!); I've run a 7 day positive mindset challenge on my Facebook page (did you do it?!) to remind myself of the importance of acknowledging the positives, my strengths, qualities and achievements.  I have tried to take some time for myself in the day to read, for pleasure, not work.  

And I restocked my lovely tea chest, with some delicious fruit and herbal teas.  Tonight's choice?  Pukka's Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey tea.  "It's a cup that invites stillness so you are restored. One that in the midst of chaos and clutter, there’s a beautiful still pool."  And, do you know what?  It really does work!  A calming tea in my Grandma's cup, and I'm already feeling calmer (despite, ironically, running up and down stairs multiple times as I write this because one child needs to tell me what's happening in her book and the other cannot find the teddy he desperately needs - it is in the bottom of the toy box where it has been abandoned for weeks!)

It doesn't sound much, I guess - an app, a book and a brew.  But it's those little things, those small steps, that are the first on the path to finding or rediscovering that inner calm.  Sometimes, we can sidetracked and take a different path, but we can always find our way again.

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