Bubbles of calm

As part of the Baby Mindful programme, we blow bubbles.  Not the saliva-filled bubbles babies like to blow, but bubbles from tubs!  They are fun, pretty, make a glorious "pop" as they burst, and babies love to track them with their eyes and, as they get a little older, reach for them, and try to chase them.  

But we were reflecting in our class today about another purpose they have; they help us to control our breathing.  In order to produce the bubbles, we need to take a deep breath, focus, and breathe out, slowly, steadily.  

Controlling your breathing, exhaling in a slow, steady way, sends a message to the brain to slow the heart rate.  It activates the parasympathetic response, which helps us feel calmer, more relaxed, reducing the flow of cortisol (the stress hormone).

It's a simple yet effective way to slow and control our breathing; feel calmer, stiller.  And if you wanted to take it a little further, you could imagine your worries, fears or frustrations being in the bubbles and floating away.  You don't even need an actual pot of bubbles; just use your imagination.  Think of dipping your bubble wand into your bubble liquid, take a deep breath and blow out.  Slowly, steadily, completely.  

You can find out more about Baby Mindful here.  For further information about learning to find your calm within, please do get in touch.