New year, new goals?

I haven't set New Year's Resolutions this year. I thought about it, wondering what to choose; I went through the usual, eat healthier, exercise more, etc, but realised that, actually, what I need to do is not to dwell on the things that need improving or look for the negatives, but rather focus on the things that are working for me, and the things that I want to do more of.

So, I've cleared a little space in our kitchen and placed 4 containers upon it. One is a Memory Jar. The idea is that we will write down the positive things that have happened, the memories we make together, as well as our achievements and accomplishments. These might be getting good marks on a spelling test, getting Star of the Week, a promotion or a winning a contract, or it might be a challenge we have overcome; starting a new swimming class and coping well with the mix of nerves and excitement was my daughter's first contribution to the jar. And, some of these we will write as a family, but others can be put in secretly; a moment in which we felt particularly proud of, grateful to, or loved by a family member. On New Year's Eve, we will spend time together, opening the jar and reflecting on the contents, looking back at a year full of achievement and happiness.

Two of the jars are "Warm and Fuzzy" Jars. The children have one each, and the idea is to visually capture the moments that they have done something to make us feel "warm and fuzzy". So, every time they do something helpful or kind, they receive a "fuzzy" (a pompom). This helps us to take notice of their good behaviour, rather than picking up on the things we aren't happy with or want them to change. It also gives them a sense of pride in doing the right things, which encourages further positive behaviour. And, yes, they get a treat when the jar is full. Sometimes, this is a toy (blind bags are great for this!), sometimes it's choosing a day out or a new film or game. But, we noticed with our daughter, that the end reward seems to be less prominent in her mind; she genuinely seems to thrive off the praise she gets for her kind and thoughtful actions. And don't we all?! It's the first time our son will be joining in, so we'll see how it goes!

And the fourth jar? Well, it's my Rainy Day fund. I'm not saving for anything in particular (although with the zip on my favourite coat breaking today, a new coat may be in the running!) I will add to it throughout the year (and the children are on alert for Daddy leaving pennies around the house!) And then, it may get opened before Christmas, or I may leave it until the New Year. It may go towards a day out (I'd like to say holiday, but am not sure if that is being overly optimistic!) or a night out for me and Mr M. I'm not setting a goal, as who knows what this year will bring. It will just be a nice surprise to end the year on.

So, there you have it. No specific intention or goal. Just 4 little pots of potential.