Believe And Achieve


Believe And Achieve



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Kick start confidence and positivity - full of affirmations and mindful exercises

Positive thinkingHappinessSelf-EsteemConfidenceEmotional ResilienceEmotional Literacy5-87-11Over 12s,

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This album is full to the brim with positive affirmations to help children to get motivated, feel confident and full of self-esteem. 

The album is an invaluable tool to develop a child's confidence, self-belief, positivity and enthusiasm. 

Believe and Achieve helps the listener boost their self respect through positive suggestions and affirmations. These positive affirmations aim to develop confidence and creativity, self discipline and a feeling of self worth and positive attitude. 

Helping children develop positive self-talk so vital to counteract low self esteem and negative put downs and self-talk.

Positive affirmations can boost the immune system, releases endorphins and help with depression. 

This album is also designed to help relax children and young people while introducing them to positive statements and positive self-talk and belief.

This album can be used at bedtime or before homework or stressful situations, or even designated Chill Out times. It can be played on headphones during journeys or trips to hospitals and dentists or any big event. It can be used in the classroom before lessons, during circle-time or in the run up to exams to help pupils feel less anxious. The album can also be used by speech therapists, social workers, play therapists and therapists.