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Our classes run every half-term.  Our next block is at:

Wednesdays 9.30am, beginning 30th October 2019.  £25 for a 5 week course, or £6 per week.  Click here to book your place.

There are Baby Mindful classes taking place across Manchester, with amazing coaches, so do please see the Facebook page Baby Mindful Greater Manchester for other classes in the area.



As parents and babies begin their new relationship together, Baby Mindful offers the unique opportunity to engage in a range of activities designed to strengthen this new bond and gently stimulate and calm babies, whilst supporting their natural development. Our specially designed classes allow a wonderful space for parents and baby to connect and enjoy being with each other. It's never too early to be introduced to calmness and contentment! Parents will also be spending quality time with their baby in a calming and supportive atmosphere where they will benefit from carefully designed exercises to help them relax, unwind, and feel more confident and grounded.

Baby Mindful classes are different to many other baby activity classes, in that our classes have a slow and simple pace, giving you the chance to "be" with your baby" rather than "do".  Our classes are suitable for babies aged birth-6 months. Each session is based around a well-known nursery rhyme and follows the Relax Kids Seven Steps.



  • Move - gentle movement and warm-up games

  • Play - simple games, played at a slow pace

  • Stretch - gentle stretches for babies and parents

  • Feel - gentle touch

  • Breathe - simple breathing exercises for parents

  • Believe - positive affirmations for parents and baby

  • Relax - a time to let go and relax



  • To both stimulate and calm whilst supporting their natural development.

  • To encourage their confidence and awareness along with their cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and physical development.

  • To enjoy quiet and unhurried time with parents, which will enhance bonding.

  • To help their parents feel calmer and more confident about responding to their needs.



  • To support parents to build a calm, safe, and soothing space where they can grow and transition into their new roles.

  • To spend quality time with their baby in a calming and supportive atmosphere where they will benefit from carefully designed exercises to help themselves relax, unwind, and feel more confident and grounded.

  • To learn how to take note of their feelings, and to develop the tools to calm or adjust themselves as needed.

  • To help parents learn to how to respond to the 'dance of parenthood' from a place of feeling calm and centred.

  • To help parents feel calmer and more relaxed while they bond with their baby and support their development.

  • To introduce parents to practical life tools that will be beneficial throughout their parenting journey.

  • To help parents become more aware of the link between their emotional state and that of their baby.

  • To encourage parents to realise that their needs are important too, and to recognise the value of nurturing themselves.

  • To encourage parents to believe that they have the "permission" to just stop and rest, and to take some time for themselves

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To find out more about my Baby Mindful classes or make a booking please get in touch.

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Please note that, as there is some movement and stretching involved, we do ask that mothers who have not yet had their 6 week check, particularly if they have had a Caesarean section, receive permission from their GP or midwife.