Training And Workshops

Mental Health Awareness Training 

A 2 hour training session for school staff, exploring:

  • the importance of mental health awareness in schools;

  • how to recognise and support emotional and mental health difficulties;

  • identifying risk and resilience factors in relation to emotional health;

  • the importance of self-care for staff.

For more information, please do get in touch.


Vision Board Workshop

A three hour workshop offering time and space for you to create a vision for your focus area (work, relationships, life).  The workshop will help you to discover your core values, work out what you really want and discover the confidence to achieve it.

  • activities to help you identify your core values;

  • creating your unique vision board;

  • exploring the importance of giving yourself permission to take time out for you.

These workshops are offered throughout the year, but can also be booked as bespoke sessions for a group of friends, family or business.  For more information, please do get in touch.


Understanding Your Child's Emotions

A 90 minute workshop for parents and carers, exploring big emotions and how little people experience them.

  • theory around children's emotional development;

  • strategies to support you and your child;

  • the importance of self-care in managing your child's emotions.

For more information, please do get in touch.

Relax Kids and Baby Mindful Training