Ais arrived at the school a couple of months ago for a staff workshop session. Several staff were slightly reluctant and optimistic at first but after an hour of learning breathing and mindfulness techniques; they could see first-hand the benefits for themselves and more importantly they realised what impact this could have on their pupils.
Ais work with year six pupils first straight after the Easter Holidays. This was ideal timing because the children were becoming anxious about the upcoming SATs, despite the reassurance from their parents and teachers. Ais worked with the class in two separate groups providing 2 one hour sessions each week for 6 weeks. Ais planned the sessions meticulously to ensure they matched the topic that the class teacher was teaching and also followed on smoothly from the week before. She also purchased keepsakes for the pupils and always left them feeling far more relaxed at the end of the session than they were at the start.
Ais is always very accommodating and works well with the rest of the school team. The staff have enjoyed observing the sessions and she is now working with two full classes: a key stage one class and a lower key stage two class; proving that she is more than capable of working with children from 4 through to 11 years old.
— Deputy Head of a primary school