I want to book on right away. I think stuff like this should be on the NHS. It would prevent a lot of post-natal depression
An interactive class with lots of activities and plenty of time for calmness.
I enjoyed the class with Aislinn. The venue was nice and it was a good group size. Aislinn had a nice tone and was very accommodating and sensitive to each parent’s needs.
The baby mindfulness classes have been so helpful in my first couple of months as a new parent. Taking that hour to truly be with your baby and enjoy each other in a relaxed and calm environment was one of the highlights of my week. Having done a hypnobirthing class during pregnancy, I found a lot of similarities which I really liked.

Recently, when I took my daughter for her first vaccinations, I found myself using the breathing techniques to help to calm her and felt that it really helped to settle her (and me!!) both immediately after the jab and later that night when she was (very!) unsettled and struggling with a temperature.

Thanks so much Ais for such a lovely experience. I’d recommend this class to any parents, however chilled or anxious you are
I’m very sad to say that this is my last term with Ais, I will
miss Baby Mindful enormously as I truly believe I enjoy the class as much as my daughter! I leave feeling so relaxed having spent quality time watching my baby laugh and learn, forgetting everything else for that wonderful hour. Baby mindful is the only class that I can truly say has benefits for both mum and baby. I will be ordering my CD’s to ensure that I always have my piece of peace!! Thanks Ais for ensuring mums and babies spend quality, relaxed time together xx